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The Paradox of Power. . .


Under pressure, amidst rapid change, in complex, diverse settings we think, behave, and emote in unconscious, subtly self-sabotaging ways that leave most people frustrated, frantic, and frozen during the most pivotal moments in life.


During these moments we feel drained, unsafe, and insignificant because we are actually hard-wired to protect, before we produce. 


THE GOOD NEWS IS, you can rewire your brain, behaviors, and emotions to respond to ambiguity, complexity, and stress, to execute under pressure,  with Power Centered approaches that produce, over Control Centered responses that protect.


Learn to Respond from Power when it matters most.  

With tangible tools you can immediately apply in your practical everyday life.

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I AM Powerful

Mastering our responses in the face of challenge, change, and complexity  

Our I AM Powerful flagship program turns mediocrity into mastery in one comprehensive program. This robust program takes you through 8 distinct transformations to help you embody power, deepen your relationships, cultivate intentional results, and experience radical personal liberation. This comprehensive body of work based on the Four Principles of Power produces progressive Power Centered leaders, lovers, and families.  

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The Circle Of Power

Embody power instantly no matter what you face in life

We are always in either a state of Power, or one of Control, both produce very different results.  The Circle of Power is our entry level program that teaches you on the difference between these two states of being, the ten indicators of Control, the Four Principles of Power, and teaches you how to step back into your Power when you are most triggered, or to amplify everything and everyone you touch, in 5 minutes or less.

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Courageous Communication

How to have game changing conversations when stakes are high

Courageous communication is the direct bridge to powerful relationships, depth and authenticity, intimacy, reliable results, impactful leadership, healthy families, and the experience of freedom moment to moment.  This program gives you the language, steps to use in any conversation to create powerful connections, deep understanding, and effective outcomes by learning to lean into what we avoid and control most. 

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What can you expect from Power Centered Learning

Our signature approach to human and leadership development combines critical thinking, skill mastery, social emotional intelligence, and relevant personal transformation for long term measurable results where they matter most.  With two behavioral science degrees, 10+ years of evidence based research on our programs, and over 30 years of experience our founder developed a revolutionary development model that produces results that truly STICK!


We address how your behave so you can shift WHAT you do and create consistent results and powerful relationships.

Social Emotional

We address how you feel, emote, and relate to yourself and others so that expression is easeful and you feel safe, empowered, passionate.

Skill Based

We address your ability to execute critical skills like how we communicate or manage conflict so that you feel unshakably confident.


We address 23 leadership competencies so you can create meaningful impact, profound influence, and be irreplicable to those who matter most. 


We address deep rooted Self Awareness to transform how we see, think about, and frame ourselves, each other and the world around us


Everything we do is experiential and scenario centric making each program feel custom designed just for you!



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