the Power Integration Center

the Power Integration Center is a female owned human and leadership development company, based in Las Vegas, NV, offering practical leadership and human development tools to companies, individuals, families and communities all over the world, and certification and licensure to trainers and clinicians. We provide books, videos, manuals, live and online courses, seminars and programs; as well as certifications and train the trainer programs.

All of our programs are evidence based, and integrate the five pillars:

  1. Social Emotional Learning
  2. Leadership Compentencies (we cover 23)
  3. Standard Life Skills (we cover 15)
  4. Self-Behavior Management
  5. Transpersonal Development

We are focused on providing tools that help participants end the impacts of control and engage in Power Centered Living and Leading. Our programs are based on the 4 Principles of Power, and one simple contingency. Participants learn how to create growth oriented, consistent, unlimited and organically self perpetuating results, forge authentic relationships that are peaceful, passionate and powerful, and be free; feeling liberated, on a daily basis, regardless of external situations, circumstances, people or destinations.

Our programs are delivered in coporatations by trainers, HR professionals, business coaches, and leaders/managers.  In these settings they are delivered, in different versions, to everyone from executives to line level employees and to specific divisions such as sales or customer service through our add on modules.

They are delivered in communiy based settings to populations as diverse as teenagers to mature adults, and those struggling with domestic violence, rape, sexual assualt, sex trafficking, addiction, mental health, joblesseness, homelessness, and reentry from prisons, courts or justice programs.  

They are also delivered in schools to teen leaders and by coaches to individuals, couples and families!


Our Vision

Our vision is to shift the nature of Power on the planet. To connect others to peace, power and passion; purpose, play and profit. To shift how we perceive and operate with ourselves and one another. Shifting our language, communication, emoting, problem solving, decision making, behaviors, manner of relating, and practical applications in our everyday lives from Control Centered to Power Centered living and leading.

All of our work is paradigm shifting, principle based work creating long term fundamental shifts in people, teams, organizations, families and communities. People move from control centered practices, leadership, relating and living to Power Centered practices, and thus results.

Our tools help others drive results, forge authentic relationships and live free. We provide the tools to liberate any limitation regardless of your external situation, circumstance, the people in your life, or the destinations you are headed toward, or coming from.

Organizations shift entire cultures. Teams convert to sustainable high performance. Families shift dynamics, becoming effective teams with loving foundations and connections. Individuals free themselves. Couples forge relationships they didn't know were possible; enhancing communication, passion and connections. Challenges turn to opportunities, and de-escalation becomes easy. Trauma becomes a stepping stone for triumph, and mediocrity fades into the past, creating results that are growth oriented, unlimited, consistent and organically self-perpetuating for everyone.

Our Team

Anchored by our program creator ShannonRae, we have a diverse team around the world who develop, research, create, deliver and produce our innovative work. They range from PhD and master’s level professionals, with backgrounds as diverse as professors, corporate executives, spiritual masters and priestesses, master level trainers, coaches, counselors and therapists, psychologists, speakers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and technical/creative geniuses.

Our Approach

We are known for being comprehensive, integrated and highly practical.

All of our products integrate 5 human development factors into one innovative approach; social emotional, self-behavior management, leadership, life skills and trans-personal development. In fact, our core program impacts 23 leadership competencies, 11 life skills and the cross between emotion, feeling, and socialization, all wrapped in sustainable transpersonal development.

Our development and delivery approach is scenario centric and experiential. In everyday life we don’t operate in silos; have an emotion, communicate, respond with intentional behavior and lead independant of each other. This happens all at once, often unconsciously and generally messy. Thus, our development was designed to mirror this true experience. We trigger real life, real time, experiences, feelings and scenarios and then invite our participants to apply the tools in their practical lives.

We additionally process participants through this in the moment using the tools our coaches and trainers have mastered. It’s called parallel processing. Participants learn it, live it, and practice it over and over again; generally right in group/session. Classroom approaches only provide information, maybe skills, but rarely a fully integrated paradigm shift, combined with the skills, language, emotion, experience and efficacy to feel confident in immediate application in everyday life situations and relationships.


Our certifications are life long, and most importantly, are supported through facilitator support groups, online tools and annual product updates.  We provide additional support in marketing, sales, group set up and formation, research and analysis, and program structure and delivery.  Most of our clinicians and trainers will additionally recieve CEUs and ongoing credits for taking our course work. 

Research Based

Proven to be highly effective, our work is also research based and independently analyzed through our partnerships with Universities like UNLV. We use continuous improvement methodologies with our development and delivery, rooted in our qualitative and quantitative scientific research. We’ve been doing research for almost a decade in several sectors and environments, and have compiled a vast amount of research and outcomes that continually drive our own growth and your results.

If you are certified in our programs you may also ask us how to partner with us on research and program evaluation for your own programs.